A Walk in the Fog

We recently visited an enchanted place – Tofino, BC. Every morning my husband and I woke up early to walk along the expanse of Chesterman beach. Early in the morning at low tide, there were very few people on the beach. To open your arms and capture the expanse of sea and sand was so incredibly healing for the soul. Some mornings there was some cloud cover and a bit of fog, but we were lucky that the rays of the sun always managed to peak through casting a spiritual touch on the entire setting.

The very last day of our visit, we woke up for our early morning walk to find the entire beach blanketed with dense fog. It was warm, so we could feel the sun trying to push through, but you couldn’t see more than two feet ahead. A first reaction would be an uncertainty, not knowing where we were going or what was ahead. But we had walked the beach for the past few days, so even though we couldn’t see anything, we knew what the fog covered. We only needed to focus on one step at a time.

By the time we reached the place where we would normally turn to head back, Frank Island, the sun had already cleared most of the fog. Out of the fog, rose the tree housing the Bald Eagle’s nest we had seen a few days earlier. And there she was perched in the nest at the top of tree overlooking the entire beach. We stood and watched mesmerized, in anticipation of her making a move. But she remained still in her perch watching patiently. When we finally exhausted taking pictures from every angle, we reluctantly turned our back on nature’s majesty to head back to our room.

EagleAs we began the first steps a bird swooped overhead followed closely by two more. “It’s an eagle!” I shouted, jumping up and down like a child. Two more followed in close pursuit and we turned to watch as the three fledglings circled to their nesting area. Pure magic.

As we walked back in wonder, I thought: “What if we had decided to abort our walk because of the fog? We would have missed it all. Instead we were able to capture a moment that I will carry forever in my heart.

So now when I want to change plans because the weather’s not right or some uncertainty awaits, I hope I will remember the lesson of that foggy day. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see too far ahead. You know where you’re going. Have certainty in your steps. Take one step at a time. And even though you have been to the place you are walking toward, it will not be the same place. You never know what wonder awaits you.