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I am so happy you dropped by for a visit. Perhaps you were searching for healing through Reiki, Yoga or Meditation. Or, as I often do, you may have stumbled upon my site by simply surfing the web for fun stuff.  Whatever the reason, I hope the message and energy of my work speaks to you in some way.

As always, with each of our stories, a short blurb in the ‘About’ section of a website is only faded snapshot of someone’s journey. So I thought I would clarify the picture and explain how my path led me to this moment.

For almost 10 years I worked in corporate Public Relations and Marketing for a hotel company. I loved the company and the people I worked with, and at times I really did love my job. But when I woke up every morning, it felt like I was in a race – to get ready for work, to get our three children ready for school or day care, to run for a train to go downtown, dash to the office and then to brace for the day ahead. Some mornings, I woke up hyperventilating even before I hit the shower. I had to remind myself to breathe. I thought I liked my job and I felt like I was on a path to success. But I was so tired and overwhelmed all the time, I didn’t really feel like I was enjoying much in my life. When my husband started his own business, everything became a little more frantic. We continued at a frenetic pace for a while, until we both decided we might be able to slow things and create a happier life if I quit my job to stay home.

At first I was so relieved to jump off the treadmill of my crazy life. The change did help. We were blessed to be in a position for me to quit my job. There were definitely financial challenges, but I was able to pick up a few corporate writing projects from time to time which helped me feel like I was somehow still connected to a professional life and make a little extra cash. But life became busy in different ways. At times it seemed as though I had shifted careers to become a chauffeur and cook, driving our sons to hockey and baseball, our daughter to dance and to school. It’s so easy to fill our lives with busyness and lose touch with what’s really going on in our hearts.  

Staying active has always been a priority in my life because it has always helped to bring the calm and balance back into my life. So when I stepped away from my full time job, I decided to try yoga. My first class was epiphany. I couldn’t believe how it transformed my body and mood within only an hour. I immediately wished I had found it years before when I was on that daily treadmill rushing to work every day.
While yoga opened the door for me to take the path I am on today, it was a slow and steady change. The decision to take my teacher training course after a few years just seemed like it a natural progression. Today, at the end of teaching every yoga class, I am always amazed and deeply grateful for the beautiful, healing benefits of yoga. I often call it ‘yoga magic.’

Over the years, in my own practice and while teaching, I became more aware of the healing taking place during the meditative part of class – savasana. And I started to connect more to the energy surrounding me. But perhaps the biggest change in all of our lives was when our middle son, Cameron, was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma when he was only 13. Of course, we were all shocked and devastated with the initial diagnosis. But for some reason, I had an overwhelming feeling that he would survive this terrible illness and he would be well. I can’t explain it other than a warm energy surrounding us – it felt like our guardian angels had gathered around all of us to help Cameron heal. And for six months that was our sole goal and purpose as a family. He had amazing doctors and nurses, but I believe their healing work was assisted by the power of his family and friends’ belief and prayers and the beautiful healing energy surrounding us. 

Sometimes it takes me a while to make my decision. So the journey with Reiki evolved gently. I was able to experience a few sessions with a friend who has such a lovely, light-filled energy. We talked during our Reiki sessions and I asked about becoming a Reiki practitioner. But it took me a little more time to follow this path. I seemed to dip my toe in the water as though to test it out. Today, as a Master Reiki practitioner, I have welcomed people into my Reiki room for various reasons – seeking additional healing during cancer treatments, grieving the loss of a loved one or simply trying to find some peace and balance in a busy life. Each treatment is unique to the individual but similar in that we invite the graceful healing energy of Reiki to bring whatever healing is needed for the person at that time. I am always humbled and blessed by the energy of each healing.
The meditation aspect of my work naturally found a place in both the Reiki and yoga. There are times in a Reiki session when further healing is needed through a guided meditation, but I assess with each individual. In my yoga classes, I always end with a short guided meditation before the final savasana.  Over time, I hope to introduce more formal group guided meditation classes into my schedule.

If you see something on my website that interests you, please send me a note through the contact us section. I look forward to hearing from you.

Blessings to you,